A New Destination for Cummins Jewellery Dynasty

Photo: TruPics

A passion for jewellery, established by the late Ron Cummins in Lavington in the 1960’s continues with his son Brett – but the dynasty is about to take on a new direction.

Brett is closing down his Mate Street business to take up a new venture in Corowa.

“There’s no jeweller in Corowa, so I’m setting up in a shop in Sanger Street that will also include a gallery and photographer,” Brett said.

Brett Cummins, in his jewellery workshop.
Brett Cummins, in his jewellery workshop.

“I’ve got a good feeling about the move to Corowa. The people are really friendly and the town has really grown a lot over the years” Brett said.

The qualified jewellery manufacturer and repairer remains as passionate about jewellery as he was when he started out as a 16-year-old apprentice with his father.


“Originally I wanted to be a watch maker, because my dad was a watchmaker and he said, ‘no, be a jeweller’ so he built a workshop and we had a booming business for years, dad and I,” Brett said.

“I won an Australian Jewellery Design Award in 2004 for a diamond ring and I’ve been busy ever since.

Brett's award winning diamond ring design.
Brett’s award winning diamond ring design.

“People consult me from all over the place for jobs. I’ve been in the trade so long, people get to know you around the world.

“Fixing jewellery and making jewellery is like a language to me. I look at it and it’s like a puzzle, with 20 things going through my head, and I like doing that.”

His new business, Cummins Lane will host a grand opening on 1 September, and he’s already becoming a tourism advocate for the town, insisting his Albury clients shouldn’t despair.

“It’s only 50k’s a way,” Brett said.

“They’d be mad not to come down and have lunch, drop some jobs off and I’ll fix them while they’re having lunch.”