Matching Food & Wine for Christmas

There’s probably been a lot of thought and planning into the scrumptious feast you’ll serve on Christmas Day. Achieve ultimate host status by matching drinks from our celebrated Winemakers of Rutherglen.


This is the fun part, where you set the tone for the rest of your party. Here are two options, depending on the kind of party:

A Muscat cocktail is the ideal party starter for a gathering of friends, for a casual BBQ, or an outdoor lunch.


They’re super easy to make, and there are heaps of different ways to impress your friends – check out a range of recipes online at


Otherwise, if you’re having a more formal Christmas lunch or dinner, nothing goes past a glass of sparkling red to begin the celebrations, such as sparkling shiraz, durif, and even tempranillo!

To match with seafood

Got some delicious seafood on the menu? Well, you’ll need to get your hands on Rutherglen’s beautiful, textural and flavoursome white wines to match!

How about a yummy viognier, a smooth marsanne, or perhaps one of the region’s playful sparkling white wines? Don’t forget to serve ice-cold for maximum impact on a hot day.




To match with red meat

This is where Rutherglen wines truly stand out from the crowd.

Their iconic durif and shiraz wines will almost certainly illicit a round of applause for the party host! Durif is a fruit forward, rich and complex red wine – full of delicious berries, spices, and with incredible structure, it’s a perfect match to a Christmas roast or BBQ.

To enjoy with dessert/supper

Muscat is Rutherglen’s most iconic wine, being produced in the region for more than 100 years.

This is the best part of the lunch or dinner– showing off a truly incredible and treasured wine with close family and friends.


There are a range of different Muscat wines which are classified by age. If you want something fresh, light and fruity (think Christmas pudding and honey flavours) then try a Rutherglen or Classic Muscat.

These are fabulous served cold or over ice on a warm evening. Or, if you’re going to really show off, get your hands on a Grand or Rare Muscat, which are rich, complex and full of caramel, raisin and toffee flavours.

Ideal on their own or served with a bold hard cheese, one of these wines will make sure your Christmas party is unforgettable!

For more information on Rutherglen wines, visit their website